We are invloved in all aspects of music production, from songwriting to marketing and distribution.

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Our favorite songs reflected what was real in our lives.

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We worked hard to build and sharpen our skills and expected nothing but the best from music artists.

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Preparation, high standards, and integrity gave us confidence.  So while we loved our pop songs, especially those with roots in the blues, we also realized that jazz and gospel set high quality standars - a standard reflected in the music JSR writes and produces today.

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Our executive producer Harry Henderson Jr. provides the vision and leadership for JSR. Harry has over 30 years experience as a songwriter, engineer, and record producer. He is associated with producers that cover genres from pop to gospel to hip hop to jazz fusion. Harry's corporate background includes project management, information systems, and business consulting. He is an expert at getting things done, on time, and within budget.
Harry continues to be a mentor for aspiring singers, producers, engineers, and managers. He wants all to include Jay St. values in their work; that is, be streetwise, competitive, and confident.

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